Tuesday, September 28, 2004


September started with a bang. Summer ended, the scheduled lightened, and instead of going back to the gym, I got down to business with Photoshop. I had all my negatives scanned in, and wasn't sure what to do with the images that made me say "Eh?" So, I messed around a bit.

The more I messed around, the more I saw things from my early life. My grandmother's afghans, the products of Midwestern Quilting Bees, the tile work in our kitchen. These have all been visual influences. Later in life, I discovered Escher, Warhol, Kaleidoscopes, Pollock, dope, Fractals, Laser Shows, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Filters, and Nepali Thangka painting. In no particular order.

I asked my wife a few weeks ago if she thought I was crazy and she immediately answered yes. I was spending about an hour or two a night arranging and rearranging and turning to her for thumbs up or down. She said, you're crazy, but it will pass. Then I showed her the one I called "Solar Roots" and she saw dogs and people's faces. She's a little crazy, too.

You can see anything in abstraction. God, I swear one of them looks like a plate full of French Fries.

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