Wednesday, October 12, 2005

September 2005

I haven't been up to much lately with Franklin and all that goes with him. Here's a section of grafitti wall from ... jeez, I can't remember where in Taichung now. I downloaded some fun little filters for Photoshop a few months ago just to see what they can do. This one is a chaos mirror effect. The grafitti in itself is awesome, I think and I'd love to have a room in my house done up in it and then changed every few months, except for the fumes.

It's not mine. This thing was just out there, I found it, and folded it up a bit. Call me crazy but this kind of stuff turns me on. The original resides on a wall behind the Global Theater on Min Sheng Rd in Taichung.

I dig the new blogger tool on Picasa2. Let's see what else it can do. Posted by Picasa

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