Friday, December 30, 2005

Ananova - Photographer criticised

Ananova - Photographer criticised:

Interesting ethical question here. Some folks are saying that the photographer had the responsibility to warn passing cyclists of the pot-hole. One reader of the Beijing Youth Daily says that the photographer ought to be "condemmed" for taking the picture instead of raising an alarm. I'm hoping that by "condemmed" he means strongly reprimanded.

But, does the photographer bear any more responsibility to warn people of danger than the average Jiu on the street? Certainly this photographer wasn't the first to discover the hole?

Nice photo story. Lots of raw emotion. Hope he's ok.


The Man of Bronze said...

I personally feel that the photographer is despicable. But I have found that the culture here says not to say anything because you will then get blamed for creating the pothole. I have often been told not to stop to help an injured person at a car accident because then I would get blamed for causing the accident even thought I may have been 2 km away at the time.

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