Friday, February 15, 2013

The National Pasttimes

I only wish they sold clothes like this in my size. BOL= Buss Out Laughing according to The Urban Dictionary, which you should feel free to look at at some time in the future. Not now.

Shopping is not the full contact sport it is in America, at least I haven't seen any violence in a little big box store. Or Costco. There's plenty to see, though nothing to rival the best of WalMart.
A Bat and a Typo on the same shirt. I'll have to take more pictures of this. 

New Year, New Duds. 

What's missing?

Fashion! Yeah!
Not sure why people would buy red envelopes as they are given out in every conceivable store.
Three months' worth of lottery receipts. Guess how much money was won. Go ahead. Guess. 
Fantastic homemade kimchi imported from Korea. Best I've ever had.
Shopping for Crabs.
Half a waffle with syrup drops lovingly added by my daughter.
The lady at the Apple store said no one had ever purchased an iPad with change. Frank saved his coins for three years and is now the proud owner of an iPad 2.
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