Friday, February 15, 2013

A Walk around the Neighborhood

This is a bamboo bank with the inscription Ping An.  Not sure why someone would leave a piggie bank out on the side of the road. Of course, I didn't touch it to see how much cash was inside as I don't wish to marry a ghost or whatever.

The new Ikea in Taichung is coming along nicely. This photo is about a month old. 

Pretty neighbor lady getting ready for a New Year party.

Entrance to someone's estate.

Street View.

Covered front yard = very little grass to mow.

Happy Year of the Elephant...wait, that's not right.

Waiting for the lanterns to arrive.

A Green Tunnel, citified. 

And still the buildings are popping up.

I'm a big fan.

Sexy filter.

I haven't noticed this sign being ignored yet. 

The John.

Crane, Crane. Take me on out of this town.

After awhile, you come to accept speling mistaks. 

The sum total of our side yard.

Thick foliage in the front yard of our apartment building.

We've got gas.

Snakes in a chain.

Pirated bread picture.

There is a sign that says no photography. Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to it and incurred the wrath.

Bakin' Bread

Rooftop garden.

One of my favorite pics from Taiwan ever. 

This Korean joint has sadly left the neighborhood.

Anybody lose a bunny?

Rectangular manhole covers.

Bathrooms to the left.

This is the front of the new Ikea. Maybe. The guard had no idea.

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